Who we are…


The Tool Consignment Stores sell new, used and re-furbished tools and equipment for homeowners,tradesmen, builders and manufacturers.  Everything from hammers to milling machines pass through our doors.  Plumbers, electricians, painters, auto mechanics and all other trades find great deals daily on tools for much less the the cost of buying new. All our tools are tested  and work properly. We also rent selected tools and equipment. SO why pay the high cost of a new tool when you can get a guaranteed used tool for sometimes half the cost.

We get many of the tools we sell from our customers who come in with perfectly good tools they no longer need and we sell them for them on a consignment basis. So if you have tools languishing in your garage or basement that you haven’t used in years bring them in and we’ll tell you what they are worth. In West Hartford ask for Karen(860)263-7908) and in Swansea, Mass. call up Brian(508-235-1006). They’ll be happy to talk with you. We also evaluate estates and will buy out entire workshops in the appropriate circumstances.



The TOOL CONSIGNMENT STORE was started as a single site “brick and mortar” store in West Hartford, CT by Frank Kosowicz in 2009. Soon thereafter ToolConsignment.com website was added and within months we were selling nationally and internationally. (presently the website is down for reconstruction but items can still be purchased in our ebay store just Click Here!

Within a year we outgrew our small, now very popular store and moved into a 4,000 sq. ft. retail space on the main road a 1/4 of a mile from a Home Depot.   Sales boomed.  The name Tool Consignment was federally trademarked in 2011 and licenses to use the name can now be purchased.

The first TOOL CONSIGNMENT licensee has opened his store, named, of course, The Tool Consignment Store in December 2012 in SWANSEA, MASSACHUSETTS at 1211 GAR Highway 02777    Their telephone number is 508-235-1006    Visit their Ecommerce site from this LINK.                        

As of AUGUST 19, 20013,     The Federally trademarked LOGO and licensing Agreements, websites and all intellectual property of Tool Consignemnt, LLC is available for sale. If you would like more information  call FRANK KOSOWICZ at 860-916-2483 Business Hours Eastern Standard Time.

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